Our Team

The Ottawa-Vanier Riding Executive Team members are a group of local individuals who dedicate their time to grow the Green Party in Ottawa-Vanier. It is comprised of members from all walks of life, all age, varying backgrounds and genders. Learn more about each member and the role they play with the Ottawa-Vanier greens.

Executive Team


Sheilagh McLean

Sheilagh has been an active volunteer for the Ottawa-Vanier Greens since 2015, with leadership roles in the federal and provincial associations. She was a Candidate in the 2018 provincial election, and a representative on the GPO Provincial Executive in 2018-19. A federal government retiree with a background in social sciences and HR management, she has been a yoga teacher for 12 years. Her hobbies include interior design and dance.


Guy Faurbert

Clean Energy Engineer Guy is a Chemical Engineer with a Ph.D. in the area of fuel cells. His work experience includes many years in research and development in the hydrogen fuel cell industry in Montreal and Vancouver, project management developing electric vehicle batteries in Vancouver, and project manager for municipal solid waste management in Saskatoon. In Ottawa since 2015, he worked for National Research Council (NRC) in the area of energy storage for electrical grids, and is now with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) as a program officer. His volunteer work environmental organizations includes Greenpeace, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Green Party of Canada and Ontario, and Ecology Ottawa..

Membership -

Ann Waters

Community volunteer Ann has supported the Green Party for the past five years and has worked on two election campaigns doing phone and door canvassing. She has a Masters in teaching English as a Second Language and has taught in India and Ghana as well as Vancouver and Ottawa. Since moving to Ottawa ten years ago, she has volunteered for the Lowertown East Residents Committee, Shepherds of Good Hope and Catholic Centre for Immigrants. She enjoys cycling, hiking and getting out of town for the occasional camping trip.

Organizing -

Bruce McConville

Ottawa-Vanier Community Advocate: Bruce is a lifelong resident of Vanier with an extensive volunteer resumé of leading and organizing community groups into taking political action to successfully resolve vital issues in their neighbourhoods. In achieving these endeavours, he has developed tremendous expertise and experience in managing political campaigns at every level, especially within Ottawa-Vanier. Bruce was a candidate for Mayor in 2018 and ran twice to represent Rideau-Vanier on council to set the stage for our current Community Champion. He is passionate about ending Ottawa’s continual reliance on Emergency Homeless Shelters and implementing Housing First strategies as our mandate. Fostering community collaborations and revitalizing Vanier into a successful example of smart, people-centered urban planning are chief on his agenda along with helping the Greens achieve success in our next Federal and Provincial campaigns. He relishes the daunting task of sending a Green Member Of Parliament to represent Ottawa-Vanier along with Annamie Paul. "We can do it if we all pull together - It’s time for the Greens to have Our Voice!"

Young Green Rep-

Simon Beckett

Artist and Small Business Owner: Simon has been a choreographer and dance teacher for nearly a decade. He specializes in urban dance such as hip hop, popping, and waving. He has performed throughout Ontario, created eye-catching routines for music videos, performances, and competitions. In schools and dance studios, he coaches and mentors hundreds of youths every year. He also owns and operates a property management company. A member of the Greens since 2015, he is committed to engaging more youth in politics and growing our youth support.

*Provincial CA Position